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As part of our commitment to help kids reach their greatest academic potential, Wonder-Space is offering free tutoring to eligible Middle School and High School students.   With its SES Program, Wonder-Space now has the opportunity to provide academic opportunities to low-income kids who are struggling academically.

Our revolutionary program gives all students the ability to access tutoring services 24/7 via mobile phone, or meet 1 on 1 with a tutor.  Students are able to acces both their tutor and our Lesson Line through their mobile phone, making tutoring services easily available to students. Our lesson line consists of interactive audio lessons students listen to as they follow along in a workbook. Once students are completed with their program, they get to keep the phone through the end of the summer!  This allows unlimited use of our Lesson Line to students. Students work in a supportive environment in which they are provided with academic instruction and mentoring throughout the program.

We pride ourselves in hiring qualified tutors who are dedicated not only to teach, but also to mentor our students. From the start of the program, students complete goal-setting exercises in order to provide them with a guideline for setting goals, and a plan for achieving them. We periodically follow the progress of each of our students to ensure that they are improving academically.

Our revolutionary program provides eligiible students with tutoring via mobile phone or 1 on 1 tutoring. At Wonder-Space Mobile, mobile phones are used as a teaching tool, which students use to contact their tutor 24/7 and access our customized Lesson Line. This provides for flexibility in scheduling and delivery of services. All of the learning tools required for our program our provided by Wonder-Space Mobile. Our rewards system keeps students motivated and gives them a tool for self-monitoring.

Why Is Wonder-Space SES The Best Choice?

Learning via Cell Phone! Students get to keep phones upon completion of our program*
Low Student-to-teacher ratio
Flexible schedules and delivery of services
24/7 Access
to Tutoring
Highly Qualified Tutors

*Phones are property of WS. Phones are used solely as learning tool for students through the end of the school year.

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